Stay informed on local efforts: regulations, policy, community, advocacy, and more

By Pam Chotiswatdi, MPH - LBCA Administration and Education Director

Welcome to Long Beach Cannabis Association’s Blog. 

“Pam here, LBCA Admin & Community Education Director. As a public health professional, I understand the need for cannabis education at every level. Education is needed not only for public safety, wellness, legislation, and general knowledge, but also to advocate for fair regulation, compassion, and decriminalization, as well as product sustainability and quality. Just like farm-to-table education for the environment and craft beer distilleries and wine orchards that drive quality and passion. Cannabis consumers and businesses need resources about policy, advocacy, community, and how to consume responsibly.” 

On the LBCA Blog, you will find community engagement, educational material, classes, news, interviews, and much more. As the community cements its presence in the cannabis industry, the City of Long Beach sets trends and industry standards ahead of its time. 

#BuyLocalBuyLegal is a founding part of the LBCA mission to educate and help make the community a thriving place where quality and affordability meet. We will strive keep you abreast of policy developments, news, interviews, and more. Thank you for joining the conversation! 
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